RF Repeaters Save Thousands of Dollars Compared to Traditional Microwave Sites

Peninsula Engineering RF Repeater Site

Some time ago, Peninsula Engineering was contacted by US Navy engineers about supplying several microwave RF repeaters. The Navy engineers said that they had microwave relay stations on mountain tops in Nevada and these stations were operating on motor generator power full time. The stations supported the Nevada Test and Training Range where military aircrews often train. The stations were critically important to Navy and Air Force missions. Operating on generators was costly, however.

After learning about Peninsula’s low power microwave RF repeaters, the Navy selected our RF8000E, 8 GHz, repeaters to replace the microwave radio equipment on these sites. This equipment change reduced the power consumption low enough for solar power to be perfectly practical.

The operating expense reduction were so large that the Peninsula RF repeaters were paid for in less than 2 years by fuel cost savings alone.


This situation was not one that Peninsula Engineering’s executives initially expected. It was pleasantly surprising to see a customer understand what they could do with a Peninsula repeater!

Why this worked.

The existing microwave stations primarily relayed traffic signals on to the next station. There was little to no need to access the traffic at these sites. Site supervision was necessary and Peninsula’s RF repeater with its RMAS monitor and alarm system provided that. Peninsula’s microwave RF repeaters are for through stations without the need for local traffic drop and insert access.

Traditional Microwave tower sites will cost 1 million+, where RF Repeater sites cost around 100k and you don't need existing power.

Additionally, the Navy reused their microwave radios at other sites, reducing the need to acquire more capital equipment.


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