Dam Repeaters

Hydroelectric dams often have difficulty getting microwave communications links to the powerhouse facility. Power houses can be located by the toe of the dam which may be deep in a canyon. Steep canyon walls block the easiest microwave routes. Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters have solved this problem at many hydroelectric dams around the world.

Microwave RF repeaters have been placed near the edge of the canyon such that the horizontal microwave beam could be redirected down into the canyon reaching the deep powerhouse.

Hydroelectric dams are often located in mountainous areas were the force of falling water can be harnessed to drive turbine generators. The same mountains are challenging for microwave radio links as line-of-sight is often obstructed. Peninsula RF repeaters have been used as intermediate relays to route microwave signals from distant control centers to the powerhouse and electric switchyards. These repeaters can be located on selected mountain tops to build line-of-sight networks. 

Since Peninsula’s microwave RF repeaters can easily be powered from solar and battery, sites without electric mains power and with limited access, can be used as effective relay stations. Microwave links to hydroelectric facilities rarely need circuit access at the relay station, thus making Peninsula RF repeaters ideal for this application.

Electric power utilities are very demanding on the reliability of their critical communications networks. Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters have met this demand with highly reliable equipment and radio paths meeting 99.9990% or better.


Microwave RF Repeater Hydroelectric Dam or Facility Remarks
Pocas Penas, Chile; 8 GHz Rio Rapel Dam 1st RF repeater in Chile
Sechelt, BC; 11 GHz Clowhom Generating Station  BC Hydro
East Pryor, MT; 7 GHz Yellowtail Power Station USBR, WAPA
Kortes, WY; 2 GHz Kortes Dam USBR, now 8 GHz B-B Passive
Grape Mtn, ID; 7 GHz Arrowrock Dam USBR
Scott Mtn, ID; 8 GHz Deadwood Dam USBR
Weatherwax Ridge, WA; 6 GHz Wynoochee Dam Powerhouse Tacoma Power
Sanborn Mine, CA; 11 GHz Sly Creek Dam Powerhouse South Feather Water & Power, PG&E
Fence Meadow & Hall Mtn, CA; 6 GHz Helms Pumped Storage Plant, Courtright & Wishon Dams Ponderosa Telephone, PG&E, tandem repeaters
Fence Meadow, CA; 6 GHz Balch Camp, Balch Powerhouse Ponderosa Telephone, PG&E
Mt Bachelor, CA; 6 GHz Diamond Valley Lake, Skinner Reservoir Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Eagle Rock Repeater, CA; 11 GHz Eagle Rock Reservoir Metropolitan Water District of Southern California