Mitigating 6 GHz unlicensed interference – Will Wi-Fi 6E move your network?

By Ed Johnson | November 8, 2023

Will your 6 GHz network be affected by Wi-Fi 6E interference? What can be done to ensure critical communications? The FCC is allowing 802.11ax (HE) U-NII unlicensed wireless stations to use 6 GHz microwave bands from 5950 MHz to 7125 MHz. While the 6E wireless equipment is smart and intends to avoid using occupied channels, there…

Solar Powered Microwave RF Repeaters support Right-of-Way Communications Projects

By Ed Johnson | July 7, 2023

Peninsula Engineering Solutions’ Microwave Radio Frequency (RF) Repeaters are designed to transfer telecom signals from one radio terminal to another without loss of quality, data, or traffic. The range of frequencies supported is from 6 to 11 GHz. The most popular telecom bands used are 6, 7 and 8 GHz. These point-to-point microwave RF repeaters are…

Can microwave RF repeaters adapt? Adaptive Modulation Support

By Ed Johnson | April 5, 2023

Q? Do Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters support adaptive modulation? A Yes, they do; Peninsula’s microwave RF repeaters thrive on adaptive modulation! Adaptive Modulation, AMR, or ACM are employed on digital microwave radios carrying packet traffic such as Ethernet. During path fading, these radios can step down the modulation complexity and increase system gain while…

RF Repeaters Save Thousands of Dollars Compared to Traditional Microwave Sites

By Ed Johnson | March 28, 2023

Some time ago, Peninsula Engineering was contacted by US Navy engineers about supplying several microwave RF repeaters. The Navy engineers said that they had microwave relay stations on mountain tops in Nevada and these stations were operating on motor generator power full time. The stations supported the Nevada Test and Training Range where military aircrews…

Dam Repeaters

By Ed Johnson | January 17, 2023

Hydroelectric dams often have difficulty getting microwave communications links to the powerhouse facility. Power houses can be located by the toe of the dam which may be deep in a canyon. Steep canyon walls block the easiest microwave routes. Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters have solved this problem at many hydroelectric dams around the world.…

Meeting the challenge – Sechelt, BC RF Repeater Station

By Ed Johnson | October 3, 2022

Public utilities, especially electric power utilities, need highly reliable communications and control networks. In the case of microwave radio networks, it is common for utility companies to specify the propagation reliability objective of 99.9995% per hop. Equipment and facilities must also meet demanding reliability objectives. Peninsula Engineering Solutions was given an opportunity to participate in…

What do solar telecom product solution sets look like?

By peninsulaeng | August 5, 2022

We offer a wide selection of product solution. Our goal is to tailor your system using the best possible available power solutions. We have extensive experience in all of the following technologies. Solar: Solar Photovoltaic Modules Charge Controllers (switchable between hybrid power sources) Storage Batteries Battery Enclosures Mounting Structures   Fuel Cell Technology: Fuel Cell…

Why select PESI for alternative power projects?

By peninsulaeng | August 5, 2022

Our Alternate Power Solutions are installed all over the world from China to Alaska to Iraq. From small power projects of 50 Watts to projects over 1500 Watts. We have the experience, know how and Telecom industry understanding to provide you with the best Alternative Power Solution available. We have completed projects for the US Military, AT&T,…

EF&I (engineer, furnish and install) – How we design and construct solar telecom sites

By peninsulaeng | July 29, 2022

PESI will engineer, furnish and install an alternate power solution for your specific location and equipment. Our solutions will meet you’re: Power Requirements, Reliability Requirements and Budget Requirements. PESI will provide you with a one stop solution We will design the appropriate power system for your site and use the best available technology to design…

Remote Site Power Management

Our objective is to provide you with the most complete, reliable and cost-effective remote site solutions including: We have over over 40 years of experience with setting up industrial alternative power such as Solar, Hybrid, Fuel Cells, Gen Sets, BUPS, etc. Contact us today for your next remote site power needs.