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Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and seller of Microwave RF Repeaters. Since 1983, Peninsula Engineering has taken pride in providing highly reliable, cost effective solutions that require very low power to operate. Each Microwave RF Repeater is housed in an outdoor rated cabinet that can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +60°C. Microwave RF Repeaters are installed all over the world in over 30 countries. Peninsula Engineering also provides robust remote site and off-grid power solutions focused on telecommunications needs.

We have the experience, know how and Telecom industry experience to provide you with the level of reliability demanded by the Telecommunication industry. See our full list of satisfied customers.


Our History

Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. started in 1983 as Peninsula Engineering Group, Inc. (PEGI) The GTE Lenkurt facility in San Carlos, California, was going to be closed. Product Planner (soon to be PEGI President) Barry Leff met with Microwave Engineering Manager (soon to be PEGI VP Engineering) Ed Johnson and discussed starting a company based on keeping the GTE Lenkurt microwave engineering team together in a new company.

The company was incorporated in 1983, located in San Carlos, California. On the first day of business the company had no money, an order for $50,000 (from GTE), fifteen engineers, one business person and a secretary. In addition to getting employees to work for stock for some months, they figured out a way to buy the complex test equipment needed to build sophisticated communications equipment. GTE held an auction, and some employees took second mortgages on their homes to buy equipment at auction, which they then leased to the company. When the company got on firmer financial footing, it bought the equipment from the employees. The experiences they went through in financing the company served as inspiration for Barry Leff to explore the subject in greater detail; his doctoral dissertation at Golden Gate University was titled "Financing the Start-up of Silicon Valley High-Tech Companies".

The company's initial product was a version of the GTE Lenkurt 2 GHz Microwave RF Repeater, invented some years earlier by John Oades. The repeater offered a low cost, efficient way to get around obstacles with a microwave link.

The company completed their first year of business with sales of over $700,000 and a small profit. In April 1985 Barry and Ed met with New Vector Communications (later part of AirTouch). New Vector agreed to fund the development of an 800 MHz on-frequency RF repeater, which led to PEGI getting into the cellular telephone business, their major focus at that time.

The company continued to grow. Reflecting the focus, company names changed to Peninsula Wireless Communications, Repeater Technologies Inc, and then Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc.

An extensive family of microwave RF repeaters was developed to support project needs from simple to complex.

We merged Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. with InfinitiWirless in 2022, read the full story.

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Remote Site Power Management

Our objective is to provide you with the most complete, reliable and cost-effective remote site solutions including: We have over over 40 years of experience with setting up industrial alternative power such as Solar, Hybrid, Fuel Cells, Gen Sets, BUPS, etc. Contact us today for your next remote site power needs.