Microwave RF Repeaters are used as intermediate relay stations in radio relay networks. The family of RF Repeaters produced by Peninsula Engineering Solutions are classified as non-dropping, on-frequency through repeaters. Peninsula Engineering Solutions produces a wide range of RF Repeaters in many different configurations so that they may best fit the applications. These guidelines will assist the system engineer or planner in the choice of repeater and its configuration.

Since new products are regularly introduced, product summaries included here may need to be supplemented by reference to product Operations Manuals.

Repeater Equipment selection should be made in conjunction with Radio Link and Path Design. The process is often interactive. Peninsula Engineering Solutions has Microwave RF Repeater Path Data Sheets to assist the Radio Planner in this task. The Path Calculation Tool is available free upon request. A working knowledge of microwave radio path engineering methods is necessary.

Microwave RF Repeater reference drawing
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