alternative power answers
A.1 Yes, we can design a hybrid solution using both solar and another technology. The solar will be used for 9 months of the year and the 2nd technology will be used for 3 months of the year. We have designed and installed these systems using both Thermal Electric Generators and also Diesel Generators.
A.2 We design our solar power system with “days of battery autonomy”. What this means, is the power systems will continue to operate even in stormy or bad weather using the energy stored in the batteries. Our “days of battery autonomy” are typically between 5 to 12 days. That means if the sun does not shine for days, no problem, the system will operate on the batteries until the sunshine returns. The number of days of battery autonomy we design into a system is based on the weather patterns for that area. We have over 100 years of weather history to help us design the appropriate “days of battery autonomy”.
A.3 We can design Hybrid system to either automatically switch over from one technology to another or one that allows manual switch over.
A.4 Our Solar Panels are warranted for 25 years. The batteries must be typically replaced at around the 5 year time period. The battery useful life can be shorter depending on the site specifics (temperature, charging status etc.).
A.5 Yes, Peninsula Engineering Solutions can help you engineer, design and furnish your total project. Our objective is to supply you with as much or as little of the project support that you require. We will adjust our services based on your needs.
A.6 All of our Alternative Power Systems are designed with built in protection. We design our Alternative Power Systems using an “A” side and a “B” side design. If a failure occurs in one side, the other side continues to operate. This allows you plenty of time to make the repairs with the system still operating.
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