design and construct (EF&I - engineer, furnish and install)
PES will engineer, furnish and install an alternate power solution for your specific location and equipment. Our solutions will meet you’re:

Power Requirements

Reliability Requirements

Budget Requirements
PES will provide you with a one stop solution.

We will:

Design the appropriate power system for your site

Use the best available technology to design your solution



Thermal Electric Generator (TEG)

Diesel Generators

Fuel Cells

Hybrid Solutions using combinations of the above technologies

Use professional Telecom design protocol to engineer a power solution
with redundancy / protection

Supply all required components that will complete the power system

Professionally install the complete power system and test the system in conjunction with your telecom equipment

“or” if you want to install yourself, we will supply detailed installation instructions and remote support

Provide “as built” engineering drawings

Providing maintenance services for your alternate power systems for optimum performance and reliability

Equipment that can be Powered by PES Alternative Power Solutions:

Microwave RF Repeaters

Microwave RF Radios

Cellular Repeaters – CDMA, GSM

Satellite Customers Terminals

Broadband radio transmission systems

Fiber Optic equipment

DSL Equipment Cabinets


Peninsula Engineering has over two decades of Telecom Alternative Power Solution engineering, furnishing and installation.
Our Alternative power solutions are installed all over the world.


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