Power consumption only 2.3 Amperes at 12 VDC for regular-power-duplex operation.
Solar powered, AC powered, wind powered, powered by primary cells, thermal electric generators, or hybrid power combinations (i.e. solar and diesel).
Compact and lightweight—ideally suited for remote sites that do not have access roads or commercial power.
Environmentally protected aluminum, weathertight, lockable cabinet. No extra environmental shelter required in most installation. Suitable for use at unimproved sites anywhere in the world -- Alaska to Saudi Arabia.
Internally protected duplex, frequency diversity, and three-way or "Y-Junction" configurations available.
Only one active element per channel, the internally redundant linear amplifier.
AGC/ALC provided to correct input fades and reduce overload.
In the case of single duplex configuration, amplifiers can be replaced without disrupting service.
RMAS-120 Alarm system (optional) can remotely monitor repeater.
Equipped with directional couplers for in-service RF output power measurements.
No frequency conversion - received signal is filtered, amplified, and
Very reliable, greater than 85,000 hours MTBF for duplex.
Available as a self-contained RF repeater for use with customer-furnished antenna and power equipment or as a complete package including repeater, antenna, solar panels, battery charger and solar batteries.

Low power usage.
Ideal for solar application.
No extra shelter required.
Compatible with all radios.
High data rate capacity
(155.52 Mb/s~180 Mb/s)


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