Parsons Iraq Joint Venture

Dear Mr. Martens,

Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc. provided services above and beyond expectations for the Parsons Iraq Joint Venture project. PIJV utilized PESI services for two projects in support of Iraq reconstruction activities. Both projects provided alternate power sources for communication equipment in remote locations. These remote stations are pivotal in providing necessary communications that facilitate the transfer of voice, data, and control relay signals along the Iraqi oil pipeline. The locations of the projects were as disparate as the designs required. The locations in the northern areas of Iraq were mountainous and received snow in the winter, while the locations in southern Iraq were desert terrains where temperatures could exceed 130F in the summer.

PESIís strongest attributes has to be their talent and their commitment to the client. They never let the eleven hour time difference between Iraq and the West Coast interfere with client communications. The PIJV project ran seven days a week and PESI made their assets available on weekends when requested. They provided multiple engineering options and recommended proven technology that actually reduced purchase and maintenance costs. They engineered the first known hybrid wind turbine and photovoltaic system in Iraq. PESI provided training material and even traveled to Dallas to meet with PIJV and two Iraqi representatives during a telecommunications training course.

PESI met all of their responsibilities to the project and continues to provide customer support after the turn over of the system to the Iraqi clients. PESI is authorized to continue bidding for Worley Parsons work as it becomes available.

PIJV confirms that the materials, services and support provided by Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. was done in a safe, competent, and professional manner. Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. is fully competent to perform this work and similar works and PIJV is very satisfied with their performance in this difficult task.



Adrian Quick
Procurement Manager
Parsons Iraq Joint Venture

Mike Oliver
Task Order Manager - 21
Parsons Iraq Joint Venture