Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


On behalf of the Metropolitan Water Districtís Telecommunications Services Team we want to extend our thanks for Peninsula Engineeringís recommendations and support.

The Bachelor Mountain active repeater site is working to perfection and the high reliability and low maintenance is appreciated by Metropolitanís Telecommunications Service Team.

Due to environmental and space constraints, the Peninsula Engineering solution to use a solar powered active repeater was the perfect fit for Metropolitanís wireless requirements. Initially, Metropolitan installed a passive repeater, with poor results.

The passive repeater was unreliable and required constant attention. Metropolitan was in a dire situation until we contacted you. Peninsulaís immediate response and solution with regards to the active repeater recommendation was perfect.

The solar powered repeater responds flawlessly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Itís easy to forget about the repeater because it doesnít require much attention. The remote alarm system is great, although to date, the only alarm observed, was a door open alarm on the active repeater cabinet. This was due to a technician performing annual maintenance. This is testimony to the high standards that Peninsula puts forward with regards to the engineering and construction of its products. Once again, thank you.

Additionally, Metropolitan wants to thank Peninsula for its thorough follow up pertaining to maintenance reminders and potential new products of interest.


Best Regards,

Tom DeLuca
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Telecommunications Services Team
Senior Engineering Technician