Repeater Technologies Repeater—(Long Term Solution)

Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc.
PO Box # 1095
Danville, CA 94526

Dear former customers of Repeater Technologies (RTI),

I am very happy to inform you that Peninsula Engineering Solutions has recently purchased Repeaters Technologies entire service inventory stock. This includes all replacement modules, boards, modems and reconditioned units for all RTI products (OA1900, RC19XX, OA850, OA800, CMRF, MRC, MC, LC, RF products)

With this addition of the entire service inventory, Peninsula Engineering continues to offer you a quality solution to maintaining the repeaters in your Network. We are committed to supporting your installed base for the long term.

We are uniquely qualified to repair and maintain your repeaters based on our experience, existing contracts to support RTI products and now the major investment we have made in purchasing the entire RTI service inventory.


Below is a partial list of our qualifications:

1) Our technical Staff includes:
- RTI's former Director of Manufacturing Operations
- 4 Senior RTI manufacturing technicians, 2 Senior RTI Field Engineers
- Former RTI VP's of Engineering, Operations and Customer Service


2) Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc. has been performing repairs on RTI repeaters since 2000. Repeater Technologies contracted with Peninsula Engineering Solutions to perform repairs on RTI repeaters.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss how we can support your needs please either call or e-mail me at the address below.


Frank Martens
Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc.
PO Box # 1095
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 837-2243 voice (925) 837-2298 fax