Date Summary
Mar 28, 2018 Peninsula's Microwave RF Repeaters support wider bandwidth channels while
improving performance and reducing cost in microwave systems.
Mar 14, 2012 New Low Latency Frequency Shifting IF Repeater
May 10, 2010 Peninsula Engineering Solutions inc announces its next generation of Repeaters with XPIC, Adaptive Modulation and Ethernet Traffic Capabilities
April 4, 2010 Frank Martens, CEO of Peninsula Engineering Solutions elected to Hospice Board of Directors
May 07, 2009 PESinc RF Repeaters approved by the Federal Government and US Military
Oct 15, 2007 PESinc Announces a 30% Improvement in RF Repeaters' Power Consumption
Apr 16, 2007 PESinc introduces new Remote Temperature Sensor Product
Apr 16, 2007 Yucca Crest Project
Feb 19, 2007 Alternative Power Project in Southern Iraq
Mar 04, 2003 Repeater Technologies Repeaters—(Long Term Solution)
Dec 22, 2002 OA Repeater Repair